Standard Terms and Conditions of Hire:

  1. Coram offers facilities for functions to be held within specified areas. Coram Campus hosts various critical services for vulnerable young people and children. Abiding by child safeguarding protocol is of paramount importance. Applications for functions will be accepted only if functions are considered reasonable and appropriate for the Coram Campus as a venue.

2. While happy to provide assistance and advice to hirers, Coram offers its spaces for hire but cannot provide an event production service. All caterers and suppliers are external to Coram and the hirer is responsible for organising their own event, and to organise supplier site visits in accordance with Coram staff availability. We are happy to direct towards information and provide you with a list of recommended event production companies should you require one. We recommend that a member or your staff/ events team be nominated as the official organiser of the event within your company.

  1. Coram operates a no smoking policy throughout the campus and it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all guests are aware of this requirement. There are designated smoking areas outside the confines of the campus gates.
  1. Those placing bookings (the Hirer) must fully and fairly represent the purpose for which the specified area is required. Any misrepresentation may result in the cancellation of the function at any time by Coram. Under no circumstances may the Hirer sub-let or further offer for hire any of the areas booked.
  1. All price quotes are subject to VAT and also subject to change depending on the specific requirements of the Hirer, number of guests and a site visit to confirm logistics.
  1. Should you not require the use of our rooms, a cancellation email must be sent at least 7 days prior to the meeting taking place. Any cancellations made within the 7 days you (the Hirer) will be liable to pay 100% of the hire fee. Any cancellations made 7 days or more before the meeting with be issued a refund, excluding the non-refundable deposit made for the booking.

7. The start and end times agreed on the Booking Form at which the event must finish must be strictly adhered to: all guests must have left the premises by that time. Additional unscheduled time will be charged at an hourly rate.

  1. Due to the unique nature of Coram as a venue, it is necessary to ensure that any supplier also fully respects the sensitivities around our work and child safeguarding policy. Any complaints regarding their services should be taken up directly with the suppliers. The contract between Coram and the Hirer is limited to the hire of the Coram’s spaces. Coram will not accept responsibility for the performance of services outside the hire of Coram’s spaces.
  1. Hirers must ensure that the number of attendees does not exceed the Coram’s stated capacity nor the number shown on the Booking agreement. Organising personnel are to be included in the total number of attendees.
  1. The Hirer must specifically agree with Coram to adhere to instructions with respect to the precise type of entertainment. Any specified maximum volume or level of sound for music or other entertainment must be strictly adhered to.

11. Any printed or promotional material on which the Coram’s name appears must be approved by Coram and may incur a licensing fee dependant on the perceived benefit to the Hirer of the association with a charitable organisation.

12. The Hirer will be responsible for keeping proper order and shall also ensure that all persons attending the event shall behave in a seemly manner and comply with any instructions they may receive from any Coram staff. In the event of a guest’s behaviour being potentially harmful to Coram campus or its staff, Coram reserves the right to insist on the immediate departure of the individual concerned.

13. The Hirer must inform Coram of any damage caused during the event by the end of the hire period. The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused by guests and will be invoiced for charges attributable to them. 

14. The Hirer’s maximum aggregate liability to Coram for all losses, damages, claims and liabilities arising under or in connection with these terms and conditions in contract, tort or otherwise shall be limited to five million pounds (£5,000,000).

15. Should your event require security or First aid- qualified staff to be present, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the organisation and cover the costs of such services. 

16. In the event of a Fire emergency, Coram Estates staff is responsible for evacuation of the guests.

17. Event Licences for events in Collingham Gardens are Coram’s responsibility to organise. All alcohol and PRS Music Licences are the responsibility of the Hirer to organise. All licences will be invoiced to the Hirer. 

18. After the event the Hirer must remove belongings or materials brought to the event and ensure that the areas and the access routes are left in a tidy condition to the satisfaction of Coram staff. Coram will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any articles brought into the campus by organisers or guests.

19. Coram reserves the right to use images of events held in the campus spaces for promotional purposes with permission from the Hirer.

20. Room bookings are not guaranteed until a 25% non-refundable deposit is received. The deposit payment is due within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Full payment, including any catering, rental, or other ancillary costs, is due 7 days prior to the booking date. In the event that the deposit or full payment is not received in the above stated time frame, event bookings are liable to cancellation. 

21. Specific room location is not guaranteed and is liable to change, at the discretion of the Conference Management team. In the event that a meeting room location is changed, the new location will be comparable in size and accommodation, based on the needs of the event.

 22.  Any requests made after the invoice is processed for services or supplies, including but not limited to audio visual set-up, laptop, conference phone, etc. will incur an additional cost and will be charged via a separate invoice.

23. All offers are subject to availability.  Offers, including temporary offers can change at any date at the discretion of the Conference Management Team.